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Play School Franchise
Play School Franchise
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Smartshala is India's a fastest growing play school franchise established to fill the gap that exists in pre school education. At Smartshala we believe that pre school education needs to be given utmost importance, since pre school years are the formative year of learning for any child. It is the foundation that needs to be solid so that the child can take up future challenges of primary schooling. Our Program is developed for overall development of child with methods and techniques never before used in pre school education.

Facilities @ SMARTSHALA Schools

Well Equipped Classroom:

Classrooms are fully charged with brilliant colors & latest teaching aids. Each class is managed & supervised by two mentors & caretakers.


All the branches of SMARTSHALA are headed by the Academic director Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma who trains the teachers and respective Branch heads technically to channelize & nourish the children in the most effective way. Their methodology of teaching along with use of teaching Aids and Montessori Apparatus is updated every month thro MONTHLY ORIENTATION SESSIONS given to the faculties.

Length of school days:

The length of the school day is kept comfortable as per the requirement of the children. The timings are 9:00 A.M to 12:30 P.M for pre primary classes.

Pupil – Teacher Ratio:

For giving Individual attention to the child, Pupil teacher Ratio is maintained 10:1.

P.T.M (Monthly Meetings):

There will be monthly P.T.M in which child’s progress will be provided and queries if exists can also be sorted. Parents and teachers work together with their sincere efforts to develop children in all aspects.
Monthly health Checkup – Track of Physical fitness is important with the mental fitness of the child & for that physical check up conducted in the school.

Monthly Excursion:

Children learn best through direct experiences, seeing feeling and doing. Outings are one of the best ways of bringing new, stimulating, mind stretching experiences to the young children. No one can tell the child much, words alone cannot do the job, and knowledge is perfect only if it is practical. Outing now are perfect means of learning for him.

Co-curriculum Act:

To develop the individual personality and enhance relationships at every step, we need to provide co – curricular activities. Co- curricular activities cultivate interest and extend their exposures beyond confining them in the classrooms. The best part is that even one in school gets the chance to be social with others and discover them develop their interest and talents. Definitely at many places even a non-participative child can also be boosted up. Activities like Dance, Drama, Music, Aerobics, Clay Modeling, Creative art, Games, and lot many activities which the school offers.


To be a global leader in the child development through empowerment of children.


To spread “The Montessori Way-knowledge of how children naturally learn” across India.