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Play School Franchise, preschool franchise, best play school franchise
Play School Franchise, preschool franchise, best play school franchise
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Play School Franchise


SMARTSHALA offers the highly satisfying, most promising, profitable and best rewarding SMARTSHALA pay school franchise business opportunity to the entrepreneurs with an invitation to be a part of the fastest growing Indian education sector.

SMARTSHALA invites the entrepreneurs - teachers, women entrepreneurs, individuals, institutions, registered societies and the owners of the individual primary nursery elementary schools in cities and towns to be part of the India’s fastest growing chain of Play School by establishing ‘SMARTSHALA’ brand of franchise play school. The play school franchise seekers must have a strong desire to make a difference to the society and sincerity towards the noble profession of providing high quality early childhood education at affordable costs with SMARTSHALA. The SMARTSHALA Kids franchise play schools can offer the play group school, nursery school and Smart Junior – Smart Junior programs developed by SMARTSHALA.

SMARTSHALA is one of the India's most successful Brand  across the country.
A unique business model engineered with the owner in mind. With years of experience, we have identified the problems within the franchise model.
It became clear to us that we had to reshape our strategy. We strive to run our franchise based on mutual respect and working closely together with our franchisees.
If you have always dreamed of running your own play school but lack funding and not willing to pay royalty fee, investing in a royalty free franchise could be the perfect route for you.

SMARTSHALA  helps in empowering the franchisees with all the knowledge, know-how, marketing help, curriculum, materials, training, assessment solutions and more to ensure they can run a good preschool under SMARTSHALA brand name. Hence, when everything is available through our solution where you can run a successful preschool / play school of your own, there is no need to pay substantial amounts as royalties in the future. With the SMARTSHALA package, you will be completely empowered to run a premium state of the art preschool of your own which will save you substantially in terms of Return on Investment due to no royalty payments and no Franchise fee Payment.


To be a global leader in the child development through empowerment of children.


To spread “The Montessori Way-knowledge of how children naturally learn” across India.