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Play School Franchise
Play School Franchise
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At Smartshala, we pride ourselves on our personalised approached to care and education. We follow a multiple intelligence approach to education because we’ve seen that different children learn differently. Our system allows the child to explore the learning pathway that works best for him or her, while being exposed to a variety of subjects, like Math, Language, Art, Music and Sports.

Events & celebrations:

Birthday Celebration – We celebrate birthday of each & every child in the school.

Festival Celebration:

Its celebrated one day prior to the festival to give complete information about the festival & to enjoy together.

Occasion Celebration:

Occasions like republic day, Independence day, Gandhi Jayanti etc are celebrated with great admiration & respect.

Monthly Competitions:

Every month children need to be brought up on the stage enabling them to present their talent & face people opposite to them. This not only brings out hidden talents but also makes stage a comfortable zone for them to present themselves.

Theme days:

These days work as a practical workshop for the pre schoolers, celebrated every month. The philosophy behind theme days is to learn while seeing.

Positive Parenting:

We organize workshops exclusively for PARENTS entitled Better parenting’ and many more issues of the parents related to child’s development are also given space All the queries related to how to deal with various situations during parenting’ are also taken into consideration and solved.


To be a global leader in the child development through empowerment of children.


To spread “The Montessori Way-knowledge of how children naturally learn” across India.